A Note about Lettering Guide

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Before looking for additional fonts, look at the fonts that come embedded with the Windows or Mac operating system. Both operating systems include a number of different fonts, so there is no need to limit yourself to just a few. Refer to this review for lettering stencils for wood signs tutorial.Image result for lettering stencils for wood signs

That having been said, be sure that the end user also has the same fonts. If you use fonts that are available with the Windows and Mac operating system you should be safe. Using fonts that do not come with the operating system could cause the text to display incorrectly.

In addition to the fonts included with the operating system, Microsoft Office also includes a number of useful fonts. Be sure to check these fonts out as well. Microsoft and other vendors may make additional fonts available for free from time to time. Before buying additional fonts be sure to check for the availability of free fonts.

There are a number of free font web sites on the internet as well. Be sure to look for free fonts first. When downloading fonts from free websites, however, be sure to work only with reputable companies. Like any other software, fonts can contain viruses and other harmful code. Always make sure your virus signatures are up to date before downloading any type of software.